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How to do Times Square on New Year's Eve

Every New Year's Eve it's on the screen. Whether someone is totally watching it, or it's just in the background... it's ON! What am I talking about? The ball drop in Times Square of course!
Well right before Collin and I were married, one of our best friend's Jocelyn, moved to New York. Before she left, she told us that we should come out and visit her over Christmas and doing Times Square for New Year's Eve. Well what she didn't realize, was how serious we were on taking her up on her offer! I had just started my first full time job and we used my first pay check to buy our flights to New York (yeah, we have our priorities straight). I called Jocelyn to let her know that we were coming and she couldn't believe it (details about our New York trip to come later).
So on December 31, 2014, we slept in and prepared for our long day. We knew that once we went to Times Square we would be fenced in and not let out. So we ate a big breakfast (used the restroom…

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